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Wholesale Hatchling Leopard Geckos - Unavailable at this time.

2 Tiers / categories offered plus a 50/50 Lot!


All genetics are guaranteed and geckos will come with genetic details labeled for each.


Tier I:

10 - $16.00 each = $160.00

20 - $14.00 each = $280.00


Includes these morphs: Normal, High Yellow, Jungle, Tangerine, Hypo, Patternless, Tremper Albino, Blizzard, Snow, Patternless Snow, Snow Blizzard, Tremper Snow. . Most geckos will be carrying hets and all will be labeled in detail.


Tier II: 

10 - $25.00 each = $250.00

20 - $20.00 each = $400.00


Includes these morphs: Nice Tangerine, nice Tremper Albino, Patternless Tremper Snow, Bell Albino, Rainwater Albino, Tremper Snow, Bell Snow, Rainwater Snow, Rainwater Sunglow, Tremper Sunglow, Eclipse, Snow Eclipse, Super Snow, Snow Enigma, Enigma, Tremper Enigma, Bell Enigma, Rainwater Enigma, Typhoon, Raptor, Radar, Black Hole, White and Yellow, Bold / Bandit, Stripe / Reverse Stripe. Most geckos will be carrying hets and all will be labeled in detail.


50/50 Combination of Tier I and II:

10 Tier I - $14.00

10 Tier II - $20.00

Total 20 geckos for $340.00


*In 10 lots there will be no more than 2 “same morph, same sex” geckos. In 20 lots no more than 3 “same morph, same sex” geckos. Weights will fall between 7 - 15 grams.


**Shipping not included.


Questions or need a shipping quote? email .


To place an order - use our “Online Order Request Form” found here on our website





Breeder Leopard Geckos and Racks with Tubs, Thermostats and Incubators


60+ Young Leopard Gecko Breeders: 

These are power packed genetics. Due to the genetics they carry, we will not entertain low ball offers.

Can produce 600-1000 babies per year.

All 2-5 years old but most under 4 years old. Most geckos have minor breeding scars or regenerated tails.


Rack Info: Total slots with these racks = 320

2 - 40 slot 16 quart tubs total of 80 tubs

4 – 24 slot 28 quart tubs total of 96 tubs

2 – 72 slot 6 quart tubs total 144 tubs


These are professionally made wood racks constructed by a professional cabinet maker in a cabinet shop.  These are sturdy, well made racks that will hold up for years. They can be moved easily unlike melamine.


If you were to purchase this rack / tub combination from any of the industry rack manufactures it would run you between

$10,000 - $16,000 for this much space / slots.


8 Thermostats


2 full size freezer incubators. Outfitted with the proper amount of heat tape installed, etc. These are very nice incubators and have served us well with thousands of eggs.



Will throw in whatever extra tubs, supplies, etc. that we have on hand.



Geockos - $6000.00 plus (very low estimated retail)

Racks, tubs, heat tape - $5000.00

6 Thermostats for the rack systems - $300.00

Incubators with heat tape and thermostats $400.00


Total Value $11,400.00 (this is a low retail estimate)


Asking $4800.00 firm for total package.


Just geckos - $3000.00 firm.


Will consider delivery at the actual cost of delivery (Uhaul rental, gas and travel expenses.)